A downloadable game for Windows

             The fish police are out of control! It’s up to the internal avian agents to set things right. It’s the last day on the force for veteran agent Steven Seagull before his well-earned retirement, and the up-and-coming younger agent Paul Pigeon takes point in clearing all the corrupt pieces of piscine from the precinct in this twinish-stickish shooter prototype. There’s something rotten and fishy in the state of things!

“They broke the rules!” –Steven Seagull
“I AM the rules!” –Paul Pigeon

             ... good luck, mate ;P


Endoscop.zip 47 MB


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Extremely fun game, fun gameplay and background story. Art is quirky and unique and fits the mood well. Would love to see a co-op mode and more levels to this in the future !

Thank you so much :) !!!